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22 May 2017


All these promises of keeping you updated and nada!  Zilch!  Zero!

My time gets swallowed up with work, family and gym time - I have very little free time for the creative monster inside of me.  I have been making the odd project to occupy grey weekends and precious free time on an evening.  My supplies are still very much looked after, I couldn't bare parting with all my craft stuff even if its way out of date, stash wise.

Here are two of my recent makes which, when looking closely, I still have the same format for cardmaking.  But who cares, I set no trends and just follow my heart:

Birthday card for a mummy to be:

A pregnancy congrats card:

For the past 18 months I have been working hard at the gym and toning up this 46year old body.  Its not easy, the older you get, I can tell you!  I manage 8-10 classes a week including HIIT, Spin and Weights.  Its got to be said that I will always be curvy but I feel stronger and fitter.  I sleep beautifully, my skin is lovely and I have a resting heart rate of 49bpm. As for the happy endorphins?  I cannot recommend it enough.  Im always feeling giddy and motivated.

I also cut my hair short.  So many reasons why but the best reason is that it takes nano seconds to wash and style, especially after morning gym sessions where I have to rush off to work afterwards.

In April this year I ran a half marathon.  All was going well until mile 8 when BOOM!  The most painful shin splints burned my lower legs complete with the most hideous cramp Ive ever experienced.  Instead of pulling out, as advised, I walked to the end as I had my heart set on my medal and fulfilling the purpose of sponsorship donations for The Bolton Hospice.  A charity linked very fondly with my employers.

As for photography?  Gosh, it is months since I dragged my gear out.  What, with the iPhone capable of taking such good pictures, I seriously barely see the point anymore.  Saying that, this weekend, I dusted the old Canon off and have promised a few friends a session with their kids.  So lets see how that goes!

This was taken near my folks home.  With a pokey iPhone.  Crazy, right?

Well thats me up to date now.

Who knows, I might update again this week.  And then again, I may not!

How have you all been?  Tell me xx

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Caroline Lovett said...

Loving the Pregnancy Congrats card, you still got it ;) very inspiring. x and that photo near your folks .... stunning, I don't always think it's about the camera, it's about the eye :) you take shamazing photo's x