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13 Jul 2014

Pop up loveliness

Hello my sweet blogger readers.
I'm here!
I'm settled and have found a routine but I'm telling you, it's mad.

I love my new job.  It's a newly created role for the company so I'm trying very hard to fit in a new system without upsetting the old one.  The balance is fraught with tradition that needs new ideas but I like it all the same.  Lovely people in an incredible country setting and 8 miles from beautiful Stonehaven.

This tiny harbour is out of this world.  Pretty pubs, sweet boats and lots of yummy air to consume.  I adore it!

I was presented with a miniature whiskey.  It's the way of the Scots but I'm unsure if we are supposed to drink it it wear it ;)

Anyway this weekend I was at the Doncaster summer crafting event.  It's my third year here and I never want to discontinue the relationship with it.  I taught 180 crafters some cute and nifty techniques with foils, tapes and ribbon.  I had a blast.  I even managed a little retail therapy.  Enough to buy a few things for this.........  A box in an envelope!

It folds flat like this

And pops open like this by the recipient:

Fun little buggers, right????

Hope to blog more regularly now.  It's been too long since I had THIS much fun, crafting x

Hugs x


Sharon said...

Beautiful picture of you Kirsty - you look gorgeous xx

Lisa said...

Kirsty I love that! is there anywhere i can find out how to make it please?
Miss your blogs... hope you are enjoying your new job
Lisa x