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2 Jun 2014

Beauty in everything

When you're a city slicker, like me and then come to the countryside....... you notice things.  
Little things.  
Whimsical and amusing things.  
Like weeds dancing in the breeze, clouds forming pretty patterns and landscapes with interesting headlands.  You notice various shades of green, colours in walls and textures on trees.  It's quite the culture shock you become to appreciate on evening walks, miles from your family.

Wind turbines in the sunset

Rich tones in borders of hosta

Graveyards framed by nature

Cowslip taking centre stage on a dusty road

Churches miles from anywhere that takes all of your breath away

And young deer staring you out hoping you're not armed with anything sinister (No!  Just an iPhone.  All my recent images are iPhone shots)

I've not even ventured more than a mile by foot from my cosy cottage. I can't wait to see what lays ahead.

I'll share more soon!


David Brittin said...

Fantastic photos.

Debo said...

Oh, it's so beautiful!

Have you got a spare room??!!??

Carole Z said...

Beautiful photos Kirsty X