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28 May 2014

Pinch me!

Ive landed in the Aberdeenshire countryside which is mildly similar to heaven.  Not only do I get to live on a stunning, sprawling estate steeped in centuries of history but my place of work and the surrounding area is outrageously divine.

Here is one segment if my workplace (there are other sites too)

This is the drive up to the cottage where I'm staying (on the estate) - completely idyllic

I go on my day run on this stretch of yumminess

And tonight, after work, my colleague and I visited this beauty...... All but five miles away

In our WORK CLOTHES!!!!!  Sensible footwear on rickety bridges and gravelly paths!!! (Am crippled!!!)

I'm settled in now and have also crafted some pretty pretties.  Will share those tomorrow!

Laters x


Amanda said...

Wow, such beautiful scenery! Wishing you all the best on your new venture.

Bettyann said...

What a lovely beginning..can't wait to see what happens on your journey

Sharon said...

Good luck!

Helen said...

Looks lovely - enjoy! Can't wait to see more.

Carole Z said...

Looks beautiful, good luck with your new venture xx

Debo said...

I think you've landed yourself in heaven!