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2 Feb 2014

This girl

Is my love, my life and saviour.
I cannot help but simply adore her.

She leads a simple but pleasant existence.  She's doesn't have tantrums or flip out moments but in stark contrast, she doesn't question or offer opinions nor does she debate.  She's not demanding, she is not forthcoming, she's often distracted, would not sense danger without us plus a whole pile of worrying things. 

But this is she.  
Warts and all.

What she really is, in sum, is purity and delight.  A breath of fresh air.  Funny.  Surprisingly witty.  A love. Seriously, what more can a Momma want?

Taken tonight after a marathon shop for clothes and whatnots.  She wouldn't smile at first but after a threat of torture, she cracked these babies....... And warmed the cockles!  

Wherever we go, people stare at her.  She is different in the way she interacts, the way she walks/holds herself, the way looks.  Her hair is often a reason why I hope they stare but often I reassure her that they look because they are envious of her awesomeness.  This tempers the anxiety but you know, it's actually true!

In all of this, dhe takes away my pain and adjusts the wind in my sails.  We set courses together and sail our ships majestically. Nobody is captain; we are equal sailors on a gentle passage to wherever and whatever.  Pirates beware!!!


Bumblebee said...

She is awesome, and she gets that from you hon. She is one in a

Sue Abbott said...

Oh Kirsty, beautiful words and oh so very true. Ellie is amazing and so beautiful. Who in the world could not love her? xxx

Unknown said...

Simply beautiful. Judy D.

Bettyann said...

She is sweetness and love.

Di said...

What a darling! Hugs, Di xx

Debo said...

Beautiful! Words and pictures