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12 Feb 2014

Letterpress fever

Ive had a love affair with stationery that has been letter pressed for over half of my life.  The de-bossed inky goodness has a tactile, luxury feel about it and always looks impressive.

Well, luckily for me and birthday money, I have saved enough to buy a personal letterpress system.

I am BEYOND thrilled because now I can send out correspondence with a professional look but home made.  I'm just agonising over inks - so if you know any good value inks... do let me know.

Here are few things I have been inspired by of late......thus quantifying my utter lust for this machine! This message is way overdue for one of my old old friends, too ;)

the simplicity is just incredible

I am dying over this design

And this is KILLING me!

I'll report back with how I get on soon!

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Debo said...

Oh yes! Love all of these! Can't wait to see your creations...

-Agnes- said...

Hi Kirsty,

that's exiting - looking forward to see what you will be making with it!

I used to love this machine, bought it on ebay, until I stupidly broke it about three years ago by trying to run a Fiskars texture plate through it... now I can't get a replacement machine anywhere in Europe, on eBay or elsewhere, nor have it repaired (apart from in the US - I told the maker of the machine that the cog wheel is damaged but no luck with their customer service who didn't answer my request for a spare part... and it would probably cost an arm and a leg to send the machine to the US anyway.)

Luckily when the machine was still in working order, I had made more letterpress prints than I was using - because the ink goes such a long way and I didn't want to waste what I had squeezed out of the tube. So I can still use them as embellishments on my cards even though the machine is dead. Here is a link to a card I made with one of the ornaments:

I kept all the paper, envelopes and inks I bought from them because I think I should be able to use the letterpress designs with the Sizzix Big Shot machine (which I own) but I haven't actually tried it yet. I do like the letterpress designs a lot but find them a bit limited - for example you couldn't make any of the inspirational cards you showed in your blog post, because I think the people who did those must have had the letterpress designs made especially for them, as I have never found them anywhere on the web, nor a place offering to make customized letterpress designs for you. That would be any designer's dream, wouldn't it - to have your own letterpress and maybe even dies made for you...! There are no coordinating dies for the Letterpress so I had to manually cut around the edges of my letterpress print which unfortunately does take away from the crisp look and feel I want from Letterpress.
So apart from looking forward to seeing the wonderful cards you are going to make with your Letterpress, what I would really like to know from you is - can you guess - where did you get your machine from? (And do they have another one?)