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9 Feb 2014

In the clouds

One of my million birthday treats was afternoon tea at Cloud 23 at the Hilton, Manchester.  You may have seen this hotel....with a overhang halfway up.  Well on that overhang, there lies cloud 23.

It's dead fancy with napkins folded like the Sydney opera house.

I stood over a glass porthole, looking 23 floors form.  My legs buckled somewhat and that was on top of dealing with the building swaying in the high winds.

I was glad to be seated with an eastward view of Yorkshire in the distance!!!  Grim weather, right????

We enjoyed fancy champagne

And dainty sammiches, pastries and cakes

Illuminouss cakes, I may add.

It was proper posh.

Thanks, Marko x


Barbara said...

What a beautiful place for a special occasion, looks fabulous!!!

Debo said...

Wow! Looks like you were proper spoilt! And you deserve it. What a lovely husband you have!