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30 Jan 2014

Almost 6

You could never gauge how much I love this little fella.  Not even if you had all the latest gadget to test it, it would never show a true reflection.
He is so trusting, loving, forgiving.
Always by my side, always trying to meld himself to me whether I am happy or sad.

I could just eat him.

He will be six in March - an old man in dog years but still a lot of life in him.  I would simply never get by without his constant presence during my day; I can totally rely on him for those cuddles that makes you wanna squeeze them and coo "Oooooh I love you soooooo much".

I don't care if you are not a dog person because until you have had one, you could never ever know this immense brand of love.



Sharon said...

I totally agree with you on that one - we have a little black Miniature Schnauzer and her love for us is always so unconditional. We always just want to scoop her up and kiss and cuddle her! Eddie has such a cute face!

Debo said...

We have cats as the moment. We love them to pieces, they really are part of the family.
BUT a dog's love IS different! He worships you and loves you unconditionally. And ALWAYS lets you have a cuddle when YOU need one (unlike cats!)

Christine Kelly said...

Awww, I know what you mean! Too cute, there is no other love like a dog's love.