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1 Mar 2013

Photography and paper craft in two days

I keep stressing that I could never leave my first love, Monsiuer Papercraft.  And of course I'm continuing to have my love affair with Senor Photografique.  I can carry them out plentifully and still have illicit sessions with Herr Graphic Design.  Im a proper trollop, no?  This week I have enjoyed trysts with all 3 and ashamed I am not.

This was me, yesterday.  As you know I'm cultivating my "mom bob" so am currently styling the "Mom bob in a bobble" look.  Yeah, its hot.  Mom bob in a bobble is so lacking in sophistication.  Couple that with my trusty can of fresh scented batiste and I'm so Miss Hairstyle 2013.  Anyway, I saw a short hair style this weekend and am seriously toying with the idea - please talk me out of it but also please do not.  Said me with my "can't make up my mind, mind"

I want to share a couple more frames from yesterdays beauty shoot in London at The Paradise.  I will continue to share for another week as I precisely 7 faves from each session of the two models I worked with.  Its a shame each model wore the same outfit during each session but I made bloody sure I utilised every nook and cranny of the building to make up for it.  It really is the most outstanding location for fashion and beauty shoots.  So much inspired was I that I'm considering making backdrops quite similar for my studio.  The distressed and antiqued walls really do take away the monotony of yawny grey/black/white drops in my studio.

This is Emma in the blue room. 
That teal backdrop is awesome and getting her to work on the angles I had in mind was a breeze.  She was so obliging.  That pop of orange on her dress makes me giddy.

And my little dolly, Laura Jean.  This mirror was crying out for something including her.  I love love love this image with all of my creative heart.

Little did I know that one of the creative team were taking pics of me taking pics of Laura - yeep!Look its me, Mom bob hair in a bobble - woooooo
photo copyright of @shootingbeauty

 When I wrapped the sessions it was nigh on 5pm.  There was NO way that I was catching a tube/train at that time of night (rush hour) - I value my life!  So I nipped into the bar downstairs.  I thought Id order some tea and whilst I was stood at the bar, ordering fish finger sammiches and chips no less, I looked across the room and saw/heard someone I recognised.  But you know when you look and then look away cos they saw you, kind of thing?  That put me off my stroke.  I was convinced it was Ian Wright.  But thought "As if.  As if that shit happens in a pub in NW London".

I sat down, to wait for my meal and grabbed my camera to review my images when I heard who I thought was Ian Wright, chatting on the phone and saying "yeah, its Ian Wright can I talk to some fancy sheik or other millionaire style person and not some poor person...... like the girl who has just sat down across the way.  I need to buy diamonds and horses and other things that footballers buy for kicks and giggles".  Well I almost had a friggin heart attack.  There was me, sat with my huge pap style camera thinking "bollocks, he thinks I'm the pap and he is going to set his henchmen on me (he was with two ultra scary looking fellas).  Bloody mega-crap-my-pants situation.

But there was no way I was leaving that pub without getting a picture with him, though.  A proper England slash Arsenal legend, I'd have been a fool to miss the opp.

My tea arrived and I swear to god, they were fat chunky jenga arranged chips and fish fingers in fancy cut baguettes.  I don't even remember tasting it although I'd have ordinarily baulked because the fish was GREY.  But I think the palpitations BOOMING in my chest were preventing me from hurling it across the bar anyway.  I had to find my moment to bypass his two henchmen to ask him for a photo whilst disguising grey fish breath and the fact I looked like I hadn't slept for 48 hours.  I was even tweeting/facebooking my friends, seeking their advice.

After I had finished my jenga chips (yes, I pulled chunky blocks from the centre in an attempt to make them fall and yet, sadly, there were only 9.  NINE bloody chips?  Swizz) I thought "sod it, Im going over and if his henchmen stand up and challenge me, I'll do a karate chop on them both screaming "Hi-Yah!". 

And so I went over and just said "Hi Ian, please may I have my photo taken with you?" whilst all the while, eyeing up his henchmen and watching out for them to pull their pistols and kalashnikovs' from under their hats, on me.

You seriously could not meet a more nicer, obliging fellow in all of your life.  Relief relief relief.
He was magnificent.  A true gent and not at all up his rear end.  He opened up an easy flow of conversation and all the while I was swirly eyed like a rabid zombie over the starriness of it all.  His henchmen actually turned out to be hilarious and just as warm as he.  And I got my picture with him with my cheesy grin literally taking up the whole bloody width of the frame.  

Can you believe this happened to me?  I'm proper giddy about it and keep pinching myself.

I rang my parents after speaking to Mark about it (he'd rather gouge his eyes out with a spoon than listen to me sounding like a kid with adhd after eating a turkey twizzler).  My Mum and Dad must have thought I was licking candy floss from a sugar coated phone as I was jabbering incoherently about my legendary encounter.


So I get home and back to reality and non fashion photog world.  And I prepare for today's papercraft class in St Helens.  A perfect way to wind down.  I was inspired by a BEAUTIFUL birthday card that I received from Judi and created a little pully outty booky thingy.  Entitled "Friend", its plays on the lyrics from "you got a friend".  The inside part started out as white card and we inked it within an inch of its life to make a book of little treasures and techniques.

 And the inside...................

My ladies loved it which is why I enjoy these classes.  To bring people together and play and create and chat. 

And talk about the day I met Ian Wright.

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Anonymous said...

T the inside is good the odd outside took no skill and we have three year old s who have used follies more imaginatively t this week!!

Judi said...

Photos are gorgeous, I especially like- well love actually - the one with the chair, the vintage mirrors make such a beautiful backdrop.

I like your hair longer but would need to see a pic of the hairstyle before talking you into cutting it. Mine is driving me mad so may chop it off but just found out my hairdresser has given up, aaarrrgh!

So glad I inspired you to make the card, I taught it in a class and everyone loved it too. I like the tags, nice touch.

Carry on the affairs with your three loves, they compliment one another beautifully - that did make me chuckle!

Love Judi xx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Yes anonymous, that's true. They know how to work a Dslr in manual. I wonder what settings you would have used for both scenes, hmmmmmm?
I used my iPhone for both these pictures.

Sue said...

Beautiful card.

Sharon said...

Kirsty, who would write that awful comment anonymously? My husband will be so jealous you met Wrighty - Ian Wright he's like a stick of Arsenal rock through and through. And my hubby is such a gooner!! Love Sharon XX

Debo said...

Wow! How exciting! We were in Cornwall last weekend, visiting our daughter and while we were having lunch, 'what I call' Miranda's mum (aka Patricia Hodge) walked past our table, on her way to the ladies!! We were so excited!! We sat there looking at the loo door waiting for her to come out (poor woman) when we all just sat gawping at her...except for my young nephew who came right out and said 'Hello!' I know, how daring! The fearlessness of youth! Anyway (bear with!) she looked at him, smiled, and said 'hello' back! It was 'such fun!'

You need to show us the hairstyle so that we, your dedicated followers, can decide what's best for you!!

(Poor Anonymous must be having a REALLY bad time at the moment judging by her vindictive, spiteful, rude, pointless - and illiterate- comments this week! Kirsty, you are wonderful, she is pathetic!)
Love Debbie

Sharon Langley said...

Pretty please - can I also say FUCK OFF Anonymous!
There I said it .... I know you wouldn't dream of printing another FO Kisrty, but worth a try hey?
Sharon, Bristol x Mwha

SazzyD said...

another vile comment from the holier than thou anonymous aka Psycho! I really wish they would learn how to spell, learn how to form a sentence, learn to shut their arse and give their mouth a chance, learn to sod off.......

Kirsty, I adore those photos! my fave is the mirror - sublime!

Mwha x Sara x

Di said...

I second Sharon's choice of words for your anonymous troll Kirsty. What a sad piece of work. The good thing, which they don't even have one brain cell enough to realise, is that we all loves ya and would tear them limb from limb when we trace them!!! We're getting closer to you - nasty little goblin!!

Anyhows, spleen now vented, hops down from soapbox and want to add - yer piccies are amazing Kirsty - and love your card.

You multi-talented girlie!!

Hugs, Di xx

Barbara said...

I really enjoy reading your blog Kirsty and love to hear of your adventures, you are very funny!!!The anonymous comments should just be ignored as replying to them is playing right into their hands. They are so obviously jealous of your life Kirsty and have such a sad life themselves that they need to make childish comments to try and upset you. We should really pity him/her!!!!!

Carole Z said...

Fab post Kirsty..the photos are amazing, really, you had a brilliant chance meet and your card is gorgeous...and I stand by what everyone else has already said about Nasty Anon! Carole Z X

Janene McAnally said...

Just ignore the stupid Anonymous, he/she gets their rocks off by doing this. Have to feel sorry for them as they have no life or someone to love them. If they did they would never be the vile individual they are now. Kristy you are an INCREDIBLE woman and I have been following your blog for a number of years and have nothing but admiration for you and your beautiful family. I LOVE all that you do!!!

Debo said...

Forgot to say (!) LOVE the photo of Emma in the blue room! The proportions, and the contrast of the orange and blue - wow! Breathtaking!!

You are one very talented woman!

ginny c said...

Well what can I say love your blog, your cards, your photos, and bell so ignore the jealous anon who is so brave it can't put its name. Best wishes ginny

Anonymous said...

TO Anonymous March 01 2013
I was always taught my by parents that if you can't say something nice then keep your mouth shut.
Maybe you should give it a try!!!!

EmmGee said...

Love the shot in the mirror.
And as for 'You've got a friend. .' I just love that song and in particular James Taylor. I've seen him in concert a few times. The card is great. Will take a closer look. EmG xx (also Bristol!)

Louise said...

go for it Kirsty - It'll grow again. Hey listen to me who has chickened out the last few cuts.

I loved reading about your chance meeting with Wrighty - My heart would have been pounding i wouldn't have been able to hear myself speak...i just now it would have been squeeky!

Great photos of your shoot too xx