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4 Mar 2013

Online Photo courses and £20 sessions at my studio

I ran a number of these last year and since then, there have been over 60 students who have gone on to shoot in Manual mode.  They learnt how to do this in a way that wasn't difficult to read nor understand.  This is because I teach it in Layman's terms without technical jargon that makes you go cross eyed.  Uh-huh, yes I do

After what feels like 493871574576 emails over the last few months, I have been cajoled into starting another.  Therefore I will be running another course starting the 17th March and encourage those who took the course last year to take a refresher, too - if they so wish.

The spaces are limited for new students because I need to devote my time into marking assignments so please email me HERE to bag a spot.

To read what other people thought of previous courses (and to see some of their work from their assignments) go HERE

Also, at my sweet little studio - tucked in the depths of Wigan, I am running my £20 photo sessions again.  This who missed out might want to bob along and take advantage of having the kids enjoying a session with me.  I make it fun, I really do.

This young lady looks so wonderful with a simple, charming smile.  

I do not encourage cheesy grins - they are not what our children do all the time unless you say smile and they do so with the most unnatural toothy gurn!  Although I do love natural outbursts of laughter, like the family below.  The older brother and his 4 younger siblings were incredibly infectious today and this winning photos not only became their session special but also a huge 40x30 inch canvas.  

My cup runs over with happiness when I see laughter like this.

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