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5 Mar 2013

Littlest paws

Here is my super champ hero with the teeniest paws.  I can't tell you how absorbed I am with him.  When I work from home, he is NEVER more than a whisker away.  I often stop for snugfests and belly rubs because he is THAT lovable.  He trusts me and I trust him, he never lets me down and there is no agenda - a perfect friendship. 

Sigh, I lubs him sooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

Also, another reminder from yesterdays post (im posting it here again, sorwy!)  - I have had some enquiries and sign ups already, so bag a spot as spaces are limited :)
 After what feels like 493871574576 emails over the last few months, I have been cajoled into starting another.  Therefore I will be running another course starting the 17th March and encourage those who took the course last year to take a refresher (for free), too - if they so wish.

The spaces are limited for new students because I need to devote my time into marking assignments so please email me HERE to bag a spot.

To read what other people thought of previous courses (and to see some of their work from their assignments) go HERE

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Anonymous said...

Take this course and its it accredited towards a qualification with a recognizable photographic and well established establishment? So much info online is from elsewhere nowadays and anyone can write a course. Made the mistake of doing a cheaper writing course and ninety nine perfect of it was at Mickey mouse level. No way of addressing it because they were not trained to teach, had no links to education didn't have a clue about learning styles correct ways of teaching and actually knew nothing about the subject. Cheaper to pay more and know you can sort things out when it's not too the expected standard. Camera manuals teach you must things nowadays and local colleges and camera clubs etc deal with the rest for free here!!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Yes anonymous, I dole out a BA Hons degree with every course from the elite school of Kirsty Wiseman Photography.
I nicked all the course notes from free courses I discovered on the net, never thinking to read the manual.
I've never taken a photo in my life, it's actually my dog who takes all the pictures.

Sue said...

He is so adorable, I could eat him. Well not literally as that just wouldn't do:) LOL

Jaki Morris said...

Ah, at last it all becomes clear. Anonymous, I will offer you my services as a teacher again. I have all the relevant qualifications and diplomas. I also have a qualification in creative writing and have had some work published.
So, instead of constantly criticising the work of others , why don't you work on your own skills?

Kirsty, I have published a link to these courses on the photo a day group on Facebook.

Lisa-Jane said...

This is so funny! I'm surprised anon can even read your posts Kirsty!

Louise said...

Is Anonymous an American?

Debo said...

That is classic, Anonymous!!!! You DO make me laugh!!!!

Kirsty never said there was a qualification! My experience over the last few years is that you learn a LOT more from practical courses than accredited courses (including, no, ESPECIALLY my current degree course!!!) And I've never met a manual that can teach me ANYTHING!!!

I'm going to suggest to my hubby that he enrols on your course, Kirsty. He would love to be able to get the most from his DSLR but work hours are too erratic for him to commit to a 'physical' course.

Oh, and Anonymous, PLEASE link us to YOUR blog....I'd SO love to read about your perfect life.


Maz said...

Anon just made me laugh out loud - best comment yet.

Anonymous said...

Awww! Eddie... soooooo cute.
Kirsty, I don't have time to do this course - really, seriously too much about to kick off for me, on this side of the Pennines, but your course could be exactly what I wanted. Is it suitable for those of us with a Bridge Camera, rather than DSLR's?
Anon is British; I'm convinced of it. You need an IT wizz to locate her IP address for you. Although she does amuse me; no-one can really be THAT stupid all the time, can they?

Bumblebee said...

Kirsty, your comment made me blurt out a laugh at Eddie taking the photos. This I have to see...infact, take a picture of Eddie taking a picture...can you do that?!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I think it's clear to anyone with a reading age in double figures that your so-called writing course was a waste of money. You also seem to have disproved your claim that 'anyone can write a course' by barely even managing to string together a cogent blog comment. What a shame neither good manners nor grammar come with a manual, eh?

Sorry you have to put with her pointless, passive-agressive bile, Kirsty, however well you seem to handle it.


Kirsty Wiseman said...

Bumblebee, Id have to read the manual first. I have no clue how to take a real photo. xx

Di said...

Arrrgh, the evil troll strikes again. Wonder if they realise how we laugh at them. And remember what I said about the tracking Kirsty - we have the ability, if we really wanna lift the stone they live under. Bet if we did and said 'Boo' they'd need clean undies :))

Do you hire poochie out? Just for cuddles - not to take piccies.

Hugs, Di xx