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26 Feb 2013

Love London

I do, I do.
It's just so busy and exciting. Our nations capital has everything you could want and sadly all the work I want to do takes place here (and not up in the grim north). But still, I will travel if I have to.
I met my utter adorbs friends, Jaki and Judi in Leicester Square this afternoon. I'm down for a fashion shoot course and I had a day spare. Jaki lives in Worthing and Judi lives in Hitchin so it was a day out for them. We didn't plan much but to chat, eat and have fun. The conversation never runs dry when we're together.

We ate first and just chatted about everything and nothing. I love that. I enjoy their company. Jaki has such a gorgeous manner about her and a super dry wit. And Judi? The silver maned honey who excels class from every pore. I adore them both equally. Couldn't pick who I'd chose to have murdered first, to be honest. I'd kill them together so one don't feel less loved. Tee hee.

We strolled the food halls of Harrods taking a swift turn through Chanel and Jimmy Choo. Then a diversion via the pet shop and a major aversion at over-priced cups of tea. We sought solace at a fairly dinghy looking cafe which, upon closer inspection, was the find of the century. Seriously the best downstairs secrety bit ever. As we marvelled at its delish decor and secluded nooks, little did we know that the owner was witnessing our coos. He stood up and delighted over our enthusiasm and came to shake our hands. He was a really warm fellow (bit bloody nice, actually). By chance ......and certainly not by design, I only ended up being invited to photograph their official opening in April. I kid ye not.

We then sat down, drank lovely cups of tea slash coffee and chatted. Next thing we know, complimentary cakes were delivered to our table. Shit like that doesn't even happen in fairy tales, kids. Well not without a bad guy wanting to tear you limb from limb.

It was the cherry on the cake to mark the end of a lovely day. And we all lived happily ever that evening.

Go here and learn more about this lovely array of cafes


fionalawlor said...

Sounds like a fab day :) Free cakes can only mean good things!!

Anonymous said...

I've just started my next list of "things to do when in London with the daughter". I don't normally do pasta (because I can't cook it mainly.... LOL) but that looks delicious. And well done on the commission to photograph them. Jude.x

Debo said...

What a find - those pastries look DELISH! And a commission!! What a wonderful day!

Can I join you next time???

Judi said...

It was a fabulous day, really, really enjoyed your company, and Jaki's of course! Thank you both, it was a hoot from start to finish (want to put the obvious here but will leave that for Jaki).
Complimentary cakes from the rather lovely 'Mr Fratelli' completed a wonderful day with two awesome ladies!

Your photos are, of course, fab!

Hope you enjoy your day today, can't wait to see the pics.

Lots of love

Judi (aka mum lol!) xx

Jaki Morris said...

Such fun

BTW Judi, you were Gran

Jaki aka Mum

Anonymous said...

Cameras capture things without effort now don't they great for your little outing to get done easily made memories. Friends and a matter c lifts the mood so that is hopefully beneficial too. All in all some hope and calm for you all therapeutic and Better than extra meds and so on-

Carole Z said...

Looks like you had fun! Nice pastries Carole Z xx

Jaki Morris said...

I find that good photography is a lot like good punctuation, they both take a lot of effort and practice. Anonymous, I have offered before and I'll offer again, you really need English lessons. Your punctuation is poor and it spoils your posts, or is it just that your posts are pointless? ( it also lacks wit and word play but I doubt you're intelligent enough to spot mine)
Jacqueline Morris

Di said...

Oh what a fabby day with friends Kirsty! And brilliant photography as well.

Oh Jaki, I expect the 'point' you made in your comment was far too subtle for an illiterate troll - but it made me grin :)

Di xx

Debo said...

Hear, hear, Jaki!!